CKW-The Chea K. Woolfolk Oct/Nov Issue Edition 2

BAFOL BEARS Summer Program

Summer Youth Program

  BAFOL's  program will consist of:  

  • Visual Arts (photography & painting work will be shown at the annual art showcase that is held in July 28th)
  • Dancing Puppet Show (performers)
  • Green "Organic" Living (Healthy Eating & Lifestyle)
  • And much more!

Reading Rocket

Come join us for Reading Rocket Discovery Challenge and the BAFOL Bear's Summer Youth Camp...Let's get out of our comfort zone and discover more, move more, lean more, and have fun!  

BAFOL PC Lab & Library

The Computer  Lab & Library volunteers works one-on-one with students to help them learn and  practice specific skills such as Microsoft Office, online KHAN Academy,  and communication skill building.