Hello Everyone!  

Since 2012, my overall goal in the community, has been to enrich the fundamental scholastic skills of children on the Spectrum of Autism in a positive way.  An approach, that would be slightly different than most.  But, would offer trained volunteer staff to work with behavior/emotional needs children that have patience, love, and strive for success.  Individualized curriculum taught by a qualified head teacher in a nontraditional classroom setting with low ratios, for an overall success rate.


Did you know that simply by providing the basic computer software programs to those that may be on the higher operative level of Autism, produces the ARTistic skills for communication skills building.  Along with a healthy "Wholistic" approach for proper nutrition, without all of the artificial prepackaged and processed foods.  Nutrition that would encourage growing minds and bodies to thrive!  

Our program is placed in the undeserved and underprivileged communities that will assist with the educational growth of our young adults between the ages of 8-12 yrs. and 13-17 yrs.  However, while my intentions are meaningful for this FREE program, our budget, at this time, is depleting.  Up until now, most of the expenses have been covered by my husband and myself (recently in 2018, from a few volunteer staff members), that may have had extra resources to provide...for this much needed cause.  

I am asking for your generosity in assisting us with moving this project forward and providing an opportunity for a total of 25 young boys and girls to receive the “Gift of Learning.”  Our goal is  to raise $10,000 dollars for this project to stay on track for our Grand Opening day of June, 2018 and to continue with an ongoing year round program.  Any amount of a donation you are able to provide would greatly be appreciated from the students and our volunteer staff.