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Summary of Need



Work one-on-one as a Student Community Service Volunteer with students to help them learn and practice specific skills such as Microsoft Office, online KHAN Academy, and communication skill building. Provide support to the instructor and answer students’ questions during each session.




BAFOL's Art Showcase & Fundraiser – Last Saturday in July – Help with set-up, tear down, assist with various activities.


GIVE for Good Louisville - Starts in July-September of each year, but the rally day is September 13th.  Help with campaigning, social media, attending the Day of Giving in September (work station Table Volunteer), etc.


After-School Program:


Monday – Thursday, 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm during school year

This program provides a safe and educational environment for children and youth (8-12yrs). A variety of educational and enrichment activities are offered throughout the week.  Volunteers can assist with homework help (tutoring), helping to supervise students, and facilitate activities.  Volunteers are needed to assist with students that are on the spectrum of Autism.


Summer Program:


Monday – Thursday, 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm during JCPS summer break

During the summer, in the month of June, we have a Summer BAFOL BEAR Camp that provides more fun activities.  Students (8-12yrs) can come in the afternoons from 1:30-5:30 for activities that are centered around ARTS as EDUCATION!  (College Outreach Programs) Volunteers are needed to help in the afternoons with a specific age group, to provide extra support and get to know the children.


Remember that we follow the JCPS schedule for any closings because of inclement weather or scheduled breaks. For more information about these programs, contact Miss Tiffany Proctor email or by phone at 502-408-1847.




The BAFOL Board of Directors is currently seeking motivated individuals to assist with identifying and applying for funding opportunities through grants.  Individuals THAT WILL BE CONSIDERED, will have to possess grant writing experience, working comprehension of the grant application process, excellent writing and grammar skills, as well as the ability to meet deadlines.  Also, they must be able to pay close attention to detail and the ability to understand financial and budgetary matters.


Responsibilities include: · Develop and implement a grant writing proposal process for BAFOL · Identify grant programs for which BAFOL could qualify (includes researching where to find appropriate funding) The Grant Writer will report directly to the President/CEO, Administrator, VP/Treasurer, etc.  One committee member will be selected by the Board of Directors to act as the Grant Writing Committee Chair and Project Manager. This is a volunteer position, and hours are flexible. Regular committee meeting attendance is required (via Skype, Web Chat, and/or text based communication)


We encourage ALL interested individuals to first visit our ABOUT US page, and on our website to familiarize yourself with BAFOL's mission. Because, we are a 100% charitable ran and operated 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization.  Thank you so much and we look forward to hearing from you.  If interested, please fill out the Contact Us Form, and Miss Tiffany Proctor will follow back up with you.




Currently we have a volunteer who manages the Social Media.  In a role as another BAFOL Social Media Volunteer, you may be required to: · Join either a BAFOL volunteer's Facebook group, or suggesting and helping create some other means of communicating with a group. · Collect links relating to Autism issues – that have a disability focus – to post and share with the BAFOL volunteer group. · Schedule links on the BAFOL Facebook page and moderating the Facebook page, including answering messages or assisting with getting them to the Administrator to be answered in a timely manner. · Write short articles (300-500 word pieces) at least once a month on disability issues that should be or are also Autism related issues. Previous topics have included the lack of representation in Autism research studies, travel, healthy eating, green living, ARTs, media representation, the wage gap, and crimes/violence against disabled children. Other Application Requirements


This position is a part-time (5 hours a week).  The description of the responsibilities (general) are:

1.  Attend BYC Monthly Mtg.

2.  Assist with networking (generating new ways to brand organization).

3.  Assist with locating funding for projects.

4.  Some travel (festivals, galas, workshops)

5.  Monthly Time Sheets (verifiable record of your work).


Please visit the BAFOL Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to see what kinds of information that we currently share.  These are, at this time, unpaid volunteer positions. Applicants are subject to BAFOL Board approval. Application submissions are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will notify all applicants once a decision has been determined.


If interested or have a question, please contact the office for further details 502-408-1847.


BAFOL's 2017 Volunteer Application (pdf)