The BYC is short for Booker Autism Foundation of Learning Youth Council.  Which, is made up of an Executive Committee, students, and volunteers that work together in providing special programs, events, and community inclusion/engagement for children on the Spectrum of Autism.

BAFOL’S YOUTH COUNCIL is a group of students (18 years and up), providing support to one another and the community for children on the Spectrum of Autism.  By working with the community leaders, businesses, schools/colleges, churches and families, BAFOL, Inc. strives to build lasting partnerships between families, students, and state members by advocating and promoting Autism Awareness through education, information & implementation.    We seek to impact individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (and those who have not ), by connecting them with BAFOL, Inc.  Which, will be serving families and professionals in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and Georgia areas. (Please note: that depending on which state you are in, that is the state that you will be working in).    

Immediate Goals:  1) Develop an On-line social and support network  2) Provide opportunities for student, faculty, and staff “Auttie Family” education  3) Promote Autism Awareness and Advocate Strategies for working, educating, and learning while on the college campus  4) Empower faculty, students, and staff with the knowledge and skills they need to prepare and serve organic foods.    

Overall Goals:    The overall goal of the BAFOL’S YOUTH COUNCIL is to provide the intensive assistance to students with Asperger’s Syndrome, PDD-NOS, High Functioning Autism, and non-verbal Autism into the college. Our “Council” approach, is an initiative by the Honorable Rev. Dr. Jasmine L. Booker to bridge the “Autism without Boarders” gaps across the world for Autism support. Because, the students on the Spectrum of Autism, may require a little bit more help than those of their typical peer group to be successful on campus. 

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