Hon. Rev. Dr. L. Jasmine L. Booker


Vice President


Christopher C. Booker



Tiffany S. Proctor

Medical Director


Dr. Mohammad Mian

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Arts Director


Trisha Mann-Grant

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Our Officers are all 100% Volunteers

Greg J. Daly, Esq.

Attorney Greg J. Daly, Esq.

 As an attorney in Louisville, I have had the fortune to work with both  individuals and businesses, providing counsel or consultation in a  variety of areas.  Additionally, I have held several positions requiring  dedicated legal research and statutory interpretation of other  jurisdictions to ensure compliance with local laws. 

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Jaden B.

Junior Ambassador Jaden B.

Inspiring the youth of today for a better tomorrow (Jr. ASD Ambassador, and Visual Artist)

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Tristan B.

Jr. Ambassador Tristan B.

Internationally Recognized Jr. ASD Raw Cooking Demonstrator, Model, Jr. ASD Ambassador & Spokesperson

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Mina Khalil


Mina enjoys spending time with his with his wife and playing tennis.  He also enjoys playing electric guitar, listening to and playing music,  and volunteering with the Build a Million Meals program at Southeast  Christian Church & BAFOL, Inc.


What does a BAFOL Ambassador Do?

As an Ambassador for Autism, you will attend social functions (i.e. school, work, church, news, radio, club, etc.), meet with dignitaries, engage with political  figures & celebrities, and speak publicly about Autism Acceptance.  Are you up to  the challenge? This isn’t always going to be an easy task or journey.  You will have moments that will break your heart (as your eyes are opened up to the "Auttie World").  Because, you will see, first-hand, the struggles the "Autistic Face" in trying to find or cope with employment in a world that doesn’t fully accept them. You’ll be distressed and upset when you discover local incidents of bullying and crimes against the "Autistic Face".

You Can Help

As part of your Ambassadorship, you’ll fight for civil rights and liberties and continuously drive the message that people on the Spectrum of Autism (ASD) are citizens – no less than anyone else. When you see or hear of crimes  against the "Autistic Face", report them to us as quickly as possible, and work with us to advocate for the individual of whom is on the Spectrum of Autism (ASD). You’ll be a local spokesperson for BAFOL, Inc., and potentially, the person who makes a difference in the lives of those with Autism in your community.

We Support You

In your role as Ambassador, Booker Autism Foundation of Learning, Inc. (BAFOL), serves as your headquarters, giving you information, contacts and resources needed to be an outstanding Ambassador.  We want you to succeed, because your apart of the BAFOL FAMILY!

The Honorable Rev. Dr. Jasmine L. Booker's Personal Message

Imagine living in a world where you are constantly hearing sounds, chatter, and noise that you don’t understand, where you can’t find the words to communicate with others, where you continually feel a sense of loneliness, isolation, and fear. This is the reality that many children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) face every day.  HrH Prince AdeBayo Oyediran can speak about this "Auttie World" personally he lives it!  I can speak about it, because I live it!

We are very familiar with this "Auttie World"...because, WE LIVE, EAT AND BREATHE it!  We encourage everyone to not give up and seek out help to lift you up, and provide HOPE to those on the Spectrum of Autism (ASD)!

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