The ILC At A Glance

"Autism Without Boarders" is the theme for the International Languages Council & Committee.



Our vision is to create a society where cultures can come together and work in unison for "Autism Without Boarders."  A society in which individuals, communities, institutions, and policymakers are all working together to increase Autism Awareness and eradicate the stigma behind having Sensory Perception Disorders.  And, provide better health care options/access to resources for low/no income families.

We aim to influence decisions within the political arena that affect our ASD communities. The goal is to ensure that the laws and legislation protect the rights and other legislation dealing with education, healthcare, employment, and housing.

We aim to increase understanding of the impact of being on the Spectrum of Autism in our multicultural global community through our community engagement initiatives, partnerships and Autism Awareness campaigns.

We provide programs, resources, and educational tools that educate our community, families, and our next generation of leaders.  Such as our workshops and curriculum seminars, training for schools, churches, corporations, and community organizations. 

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BYC Committee Summary & Schedule

The BAFOL Youth Council is a group of volunteers that work to provide outreach programs and events (based on Dr. Maria Tecla Artemisia Montessori's multi-age classrooms approach) , Autism Awareness Campaigns and activities.  We work with students, faculty, and staff, of local Middle, High, and Colleges for a wholistic approach to learning.

The committee members meet once a month (4-5pm) at our downtown Louisville, KY office located at the Normandy Building (101 N. 7th Street).  

Here is the schedule:

Jan 26th

Feb. 23rd

March 23rd

April 27th

May 25th

June 22nd

July 27th

Aug. 24th

Sept. 28th

Oct. 26th

Nov. 30th

Dec. -No Meeting