BAFOL Bears Summer Art Camp Registration Forms

Please download, fill out, and bring the Summer Art Camp Registration Forms for each child to participate in the camp (on the first day).


Ages 8-12 yrs.


Engage in a variety of hands-on experiences, and explore art processes to create "INNER ARTIST" in a camp designed  specifically for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Each day  will be a new art adventure as we explore different themes through  art-making activities, sensory experiences, and the campers' own  personal interests. During camp, a special guest art therapist will  lead interactive activities to spark our imaginations and get our campers engaged!  Taught by qualified instructors and assisted by college students majoring in ECE and Visual Arts.  The camp will have additional helpers to provide one-on-one guidance. Visual picture schedules and social stories will be used to integrate art, social interaction, sensory exploration, and movement. 


The seasonal BAFOL BEARS Art Summer Program, which comprises of a series of fun, inspirational and therapeutic art workshops for children aged from 8 - 12 years, will be led by volunteer artists to encourage developing their art education skills and enriching the volunteerism spirit in them.  And, the value of arts-based learning is a wonderful way for a child on the Spectrum of Autism to contribute and make an impact of the arts in the lives of all members of the community.  Which, transcends gender, age, and nationality.  The program will assure the children of their value and importance within our communities.  Because, by investing in the development of their cognitive and creative skills, it will assist them in the social skills.  But, it will also allow then to benefit from the "Healing Rehabilitation of therapy," in a fun, relaxed, and caring environment that also believes in providing a sound nutritious lunch.  BAFOL, will be addressing the developmental needs of young children, and ensuring that the future generations will have a place to express themselves in a positive and productive manner.  The BAFOL BEARS ART Summer Program starts June 4, 2018, and the hours of operation Mon. - Thur. 1pm-4pm

Please note:  Parents will receive a camper guide prior to this camp (during Pre-Registration), so that teachers and instructors can show what their plans are for the student and activities and projects that will appeal to the children's interests.  Because, our Founder, The Honorable Rev. Dr. L. Jasmine L. Booker, who does philanthropic and humanitarian causes, says, “This will facilitate the development, communication skills, and inner SHINE of children that are on the Spectrum of Autism”.


July 28, 2018 


Please fill out additional forms if you have more than one child


We love our "Auttie Extended Families", so feel free to visit during normal camp hours (1pm-4pm) Mon., Wed., Fri.

Booker Autism Foundation of Learning, Inc.


Camp Information

Summer Camp starts June 4, 2018  (M, W, F) and ends June 29, 2018, in Louisville, KY at the:

California Community Center

1600 St. Catherine St.

Louisville, KY 40210